Drew Blood & Loudy are #OnPoint! & Alex Payne

HIAC Talk Radio is pleased to welcome back one half of Highly Entertaining Wrestlers, Drew Blood, and his manager, “The Financial Miracle” Loudy!

Just days away from #OnPoint Wrestling’s return, and their matchup vs. Delirious and Pinky Sanchez, just what do Blood and Loudy have to say about the State of Affairs at #OnPoint? Also, what do they have to say about indy wrestling in general?
We’ll find out.

Also, Alex Payne will join us to discuss his career, ROH, NOAH in Japan, Force-1, and a ton more.

We’ll recap NMRW “Reign of Fire” and UFC on FX. And, we’ll take a look at the OnPoint card.

And, a special statement for Tank Toland from Joe Gacy.

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