Nerd Herder Foxy Foxxy & “The Financial Miracle” Loudy!

HIAC Talk Radio is happy to welcome former (?) independent wrestler, manager, referee, crew member and more, Foxy Foxxy. She will discuss her life, her career, Geek-dom, and more!

Also, joining us for the 1st time is “The Financial Miracle Loudy” We’ll discuss how he broke in and the lost art of managing in today’s day and age.

OmegaSquad will join us for a MMA Report including UFC’s signing of a female MMA star!

And, it will be the return of “The Knight Rider” Robert Knight in his first appearance since his disappointing loss at NMRW’s PG-13. And, we’re sure there will be more fan mail to answer!
And, just added, “So Fly” #MrVIP, LJ Cruz will join us to discuss his showdown with Ty Reno and NMRW “Fallout”!

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