You Are NOT Getting Booked! and Craven Varro

Scheduled Guest(s): Craven Varro & Tony Givens of “You are NOT Getting Booked” and NWA Smoky Mountain

This episode we talk with Tony Givens, the successful promoter of NWA Smokey Mountain, and the man behind “You Are NOT Getting Booked” on facebook. In this exclusive interview we discuss his rise from the CWA to becoming one of the most successful NWA affiliates in the country.

We also discussed the start of YANGB, some of his failures he met along the way, successful promoting in the face of the social media age, and why he started a kickstarter to fund the 10th season of NWA Smoky Mountain.

To see the kickstarter, go here.
For more info on NWA Smoky Mountain, check the website.

We also welcomed back Craven Varro, the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Suicidal Six Way Champion. We discuss some milestones in his young career, and where he is going from here.

With MMA/UFC with OmegaSquad, some WWE 2k14 talk, and a look back at WWE “Hell in a Cell”.

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